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3-6- 19 Dreaming Robot Press has accepted one of my stories for their magazine - Young Explorers' Adventure Guide, Vol. 6 (2019). I'm still working on a couple of novels, but it's taking time.

6-12-18 One of the many novels I have edited came on line yesterday at Amazon. ALONE TOGETHER, by Robert Hill is the story of a family struggling to survive and apocalyptic calamity, when a solar flare wipes out every electrical device on earth. It has a Y/A protagonist, but the story is a great read for all ages, because the author keeps tension high as a world tries to cope with the extinction of our high-tech culture. I recommend it highly.

The ghost-writing job went on and on, but it's complete and I'm done with it. I'm back to writing again, but remember that it takes quite a while to write a novel. Now that I'm retired, I'm actually busier than before. (My garden is awesome this year.) I'm no longer actively searching for editing work, but I'll still consider editing books which interest me.

9-27-17 Sorry I haven't posted in so long. I've been busy, including ghost- writing a novel for a client overseas. I'm back to writing for myself now, and will be posting more regularly. It's hard to get back to projects that were mostly lost when I was hacked. Bear with me.

10-24-16 DISASTER! I'VE BEEN HACKED. This morning, not yet fully awake, I opened an attachment that said FEDEX without checking. It was a malware that encrypted all of my files and demanded money to restore everything. I figured if I paid them once, they'd have me forever, so I restored my computer to factory specs. I was hoping my files in the cloud (which I thought was secure) would be okay, but they were also infected. The really sad thing is that my back-up thumb drive was hooked to the computer and infected, too. So, no feathered dancer or any other new novel any time soon. I'm probably going to have to start all over. Only good point was that I had a copy of my current ghost writing job.

8-1-2016  Well, I'm still alive and writing, anyway. I haven't abandoned the novel. But my freelance editing work has been keeping me busy and there are still many things to do for the home and property.

10-12-15  Okay, summer's over and now I'll have time for writing. The Feathered Dancer is a horror novel, set in San Francisco,California and Papua New Guinea. When SFPD Inspector Ginny Richmond is assigned to solve a case involving a mummified body, she has no idea of the danger she's going to put herself in.

7-1-15 I'M RETIRED. I'll try to do some writing every day, but the property needs work and I'm always busy in the summer. I've changed the title of my work-in-progress to The Feathered Dancer and it's going well. I hope to finish it in the fall and publish beginning of next year.

5-3-15 I'll be retiring from my day job July 1 and am looking forward to more writing time, but I'll still be busy with a lot of the usual summer work of 3 acres and animals, plus catching up on repairs, etc. that have been neglected of late. 

1-24-15  Not too much going on. Still plugging away on my latest novel. Jackie's book is still selling well. Diane and I recently took a western Caribbean cruise and are sorry to be back in the cold.

9-5-14 Jackie's novel made #1 on an Amazon Genre Best Seller list and is still on the best seller list after 12 weeks.

6-13-14  My daughter's first book has just been published. She' My Ride Home

Between searching for the right college and starting on the Varsity soccer team, Charlotte Hayes has enough going on to keep her head in the game.  That is, until Emma Pearson, a new transfer from North Carolina, decides to enter the picture.  Emma is quiet, moody, and beautiful: a dangerous combination that fascinates Charlotte beyond her comfort zone.

Girls aren't supposed to like girls.  At least, that's what Charlotte has been told her whole life.  But when strange new feelings begin to emerge, Charlotte has to decide what she's willing to risk to discover love -- and ultimately, herself.

I hope you'll check it out


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