Editing - Proofreading - Ghostwriting

Editing Services
I offer my services for FICTION ONLY. Why? Because my writing cannot exist in a vacuum. Editing and ghostwriting inspire me to be more creative in my own writing, so I enjoy these skills like I enjoy doing the N.Y. Times Sunday crossword puzzle. I charge a very low price because I'm not working at it and I'm not about to waste my time editing some piece of boring nonfiction writing. I've been lucky enough to read some really good stories and novels while editing.
I also offer my services on a freelance site called e-lance. Click here to go to my profile page, which shows my tested skills.
Fees are basic, they may vary after I read a sample chapter and determine the scope of the job. I reserve the right to refuse any project, or to quit a project at my discretion, returning all fees to the client.
Basic Proofreading - $.005 per word
Includes 2 readings for spelling, punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, typos, etc., using MS Word Track changes and a brief overall critique of the novel.

A 75,000 word manuscript would be $375
Editing - $.01 per word
Includes 2 readings for spelling, punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, typos, etc., using MS Track Changes, plus written critique containing detailed advice and help on improving and rewriting the entire novel for writing style, flow and "Oomph." (Jazzing it up to catch an editor's eye - whatever it takes.)

A 75,000 word manuscript would be $750
Ghostwriting - $.03 per word
The client must give me a basic outline of plot, characters, resolution, etc. Working with client input, I will provide a standard, double-spaced manuscript and offer rewrites as the client requires.
A 75,000 word manuscript would be $2250 
To begin with, I learned my basic English language writing skills from nuns in a Catholic elementary shool and wrote a YA novel in high school.

I spent nearly 10 years in a writing group with 2 English Lit Professors (both published novelists) and other accomplished writers to learn what editors and publishers expect in a manuscript.

I've had dozens of stories published in magazines and anthologies, one previously published story was REQUESTED by an English Lit Professor for inclusion in a university course on Gothic and Horror Literature. This was the first EXOTIC GOTHIC anthology, and included such authors as Neil Gaiman, Joyce Carole Oates, T.C. Boyle and Terry Dowling. A second story was accepted for EXOTIC GOTHIC 2. I've won some minor writing awards, as well.